Sunday, September 26, 2010

8 going on 18

She's just turned 8 in August. A Leo in every way - stubborn, head strong, but a heart of gold. In addition to her closest girl friends, we were glad to have Mark & Chris with us for the celebration. Mark & Chris are our friends from church and they have a really special bond with Erica and Tim. We praise and thank God for our two beautiful miracles.

This year's cake's was lovingly decorated by Dad ... who did an excellent job!

Gym Girl

Erica represented her school at the Eastern Zone Gym competition, came in 3rd in the Individual competition and went on to represent them in the Auckland School Champion of Champions competition.

We were really happy for her when she was selected to represent her school but because she had never done gym prior to her selection, we really weren't sure how she was going to do. So, the results were very pleasing. As for mum, watching her do that beam routine was a bit of a heart stopper for me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mt Maunganui - April 2010

Mum's here with us in Auckland for about 10 weeks. A few days after she arrived, we took her to Mt Maunganui which is Auckland's answer to the Gold Coast. It is surfer's paradise in summer. But we were there mid Autumn and there wasn't much activity. The beach was lovely all the same and I quite liked the fact that we had most of the beach to ourselves.

On the tram ride at Kiwi 360- the only kiwifruit orchard which is open to the public. If mum had a choice, she would have filled her bags with these luscious kiwi fruits but she was under strict instructions - NO picking. Lovely shot though!
You wouldn't normally find mum at the beach but the kids wanted a dip and she agreed to come with us. We set up the umbrella for her to shield her from the glorious sun (what a waste) since that's what she preferred... The umbrella threatened to blow away because we had south westerly winds that day so that's why she was holding on to the umbrella for dear life!

Back at the bach, mum put up a good fight against the kids at Foosball! She wasn't going to lose!
Notice her sequinned evening jacket with PJs?? What a lovely combination! I've had to ban her from using that jacket to the supermarket too!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baseball season 2010

Yes, this is John Key, NZ Prime Minister. His son plays baseball too and we occasionally spot him at Lloyd Elsmore with security guards in tow coming to support his son. Today he apparently just came from a radio interview so was a tad over-dressed on a Saturday morning but just as well 'cos Mervin the papparazzi was ready with his Blackberry for this shot! He was really friendly and had more than a few nice encouraging words for Erica. Go National Party!

It's not often that both Tim & Erica get "Player of the Day" on the same week but this week, they did!

Some generous parent from the team donated these shirts so all the Blue Jays got personalised jerseys.

Joy of parenthood

This is a page from the scrapbook Erica did for us last year (October 2009) for our Anniversary. Was packing my desk and found it. Children are such a blessing!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Day - Sports Day and back to Maitai Bay

Never a dull moment at the campsite. Today, some regular campers got together to organise a family sports day. Everyone was encouraged to participate - from 3 year olds to 83 year olds. There were running races, potato races, wheel barrow races, tug of war and lolly scramble.
After lunch, we returned to the magical Maitai Bay, which for me, is the most beautiful beach I've ever visited. I couldn't stop photographing it but I don't think the photos could quite capture the magic of the place.

Mr Minstrel gets the kids ready for the Sports Day

Some wheel barrows buckled in the heat

Pull, pull, pull

Contemplating the world at Maitai Bay

A game of baseball at Maitai Bay